"I believe marketing is a relationship formed between  individuals, businesses, and the community. The goal is to have all working together for the common good of all."  

— Marianne Rosato-Romano,  

Mountaintop Marketing and Events founder

Creative Marketing Engagement

Mountaintop Marketing utilizes strategic creative and engaging content as well as relationship marketing techniques to enhance a business' reputation in the community while increasing its brand presence in the marketplace and building up its fanbase. 


Unforgettable Events

Mountaintop Marketing creates unique &

unforgettable events that help businesses gain recognition & attain their business goals.


I have done many events throughout the years, but I never experience the joy and excellence while working with anyone as I have with Marianne RosatoRomano. Her events are always top notch! The amount of energy and enthusiasm Marianne exhibits is amazing. It is the type of energy that is contagious to all around her. I am truly looking forward to working with Marianne in any events she does in the future because she is absolutely fantastic.”​


—  Samuel Davis, General George Washington reenactor



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